Cagliari to host historic first World Triathlon Championship Series in Italy on October 8th


Cagliari to host historic first World Triathlon Championship Series in Italy on October 8th

The Italian Triathlon Federation enters between the “big” in the world and prepares to live one of the most important day ever: on October 8th the maximum world circuit, the World Triathlon Championship Series, will be run in Cagliari, Italy. A historic appointment for the Federation and the Italian sport which is finally taking place in the fantastic environment Poetto, in Cagliari, which will return to host the big Triathlon after the four editions of the World Cup played from 2016 to 2019.

Cagliari’s stage will be the fifth stage of the World Championship Series, which opened in Yokohama, Japan, in May and continued in Leeds, Montreal, and Hamburg. On October 8th Cagliari precedes the last two stages: first in Bermuda on November 5th and 6th, then the Grand Final in Abu Dhabi on November from 23th to 26th. The 2022 title will be awarded also considering the two stages run in Hamburg and Abu Dhabi on past season.

Another prestigious element will be the race distance which is going to be 1.5 km of swim, 40 km of biking and 10 km of run. The Italian race will assign for the first time in this season points based on the Olympic distance in the period of qualification for Paris 2024.

Thanks to teamwork made in collaboration with Italian Government, CONI, Regione Sardegna and Municipality of Cagliari, the Federation has reached an historic achievement, desired and dreamt for years and become reality in this season under this presidency.

“Getting the opportunity to organize one stage of World Triathlon Championship Series in Italy is the certification of our Federation’s growth, which has demonstrated reliability, organizational capability, vision and courage - says Riccardo Giubilei, President of FITRI - This is a success of an entire Community which devotes herself to a fantastic sport with passion and spirit of sacrifice. A coral success which is worth a mandate, for which I want to thank my colleagues and friends of Federal Council and all people who had believed day after day in this dream, which we have achieved after only one year”.

“As athletes’ representative in the Executive Board and President of Athletes’ Commission - comments Mr. Giulio Molinari - I’m really satisfied that with the daily teamwork we were be able to bring for the first time in Italy the maximum international circuit of Triathlon. It will be an incredible showcase for all Triathlon and for ours athletes which are enthusiastic and are preparing in the best way to be able to compete in such an important event in Italy. This is an incredible result which won’t be an endpoint but a springboard for our Federation”.

“A WTCS stage is without doubt a very important sport event, but is also an extraordinary opportunity of communication, promotion and visibility for our sport - states Caterina Vacchi, Italian Executive Board member - For this reason, the significant politic and organizing work done to bring in Italy such a prestigious race in these months has been joined by an important commitment in order to build with RAI and other partners a media event of appropriate relevance. The two competitions, men and women, will be transmitted on Rai Sport thanks to an impressive production, of high level, result of profitable collaboration between FITRI and World Triathlon. Another step to bring general public to appreciate spectacularity of the Triathlon”.

“Cagliari will be a very important race on the Serie’s circuit - says Simone Biava, FITRI’s Sport Director – In fact, it will be the second Olympic of the season, first qualifying to Parigi 2024, after the open in Yokohama, followed by races based on sprint distance. Cagliari will
kick off to the last part of the season with the other Olympic in Bermuda and the Grand Final in Abu Dhabi. The race based on olympic distance is the “queen race” for the tipe of athletes involved and provides to this historical Italian stage a great luster. Talking about the race route, swim course is in general enough gestibile in the gulf of Poetto, while cycling course is very technical with challenging curves and counter curves, even presenting no height difference. Even the wind has to be considered, because it always represents an unexpectable factor. Run course will be the the decisive one and will determine the final win. It will be a very compelling and fast race”.